Welcome to Captain Kona, Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii!

Captain Kona opens new Coffee Cherry Drop-off Station at
Choicemart Shopping Center, opening August 1st, 2019!

Captain Kona Buying Cherry

Now in our second year as a local Kona coffee farm business, based in Captain Cook, Captain Kona wants to buy your Kona coffee cherry! (See our very appealing pricing and grading chart under the Buying Cherry menu tab). Starting August 1st, 2019, our Choicemart Center cherry drop-off station will be open from 12noon to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday. Farmers, please feel free to swing by, next time you drive by Choicemart and talk to us about our Cherry buying program and pick up a signup form. One of the main things we will do as the buyer of your crop production is that we are going to make it a point to pay really good, every week, for the prior week's Monday thru Saturday deliveries, by electronic bank transfer, for quick payments (Or mailed check if you prefer), so you can quickly regain monies spent on pickers and crop maintenance. We want every coffee farmer that works with us to say "Captain Kona pays good!" Give us a try this year. Our convenient Choicemart drop-off location and 6 day a week open hours will make it easy for your team to complete your harvest!
We have been very busy, not just growing coffee on our own farms, but also making farm and coffee mill acquisitions. This year we completed our purchase of the old Koa Coffee Mill, on Greenwell Mountain Road, along with some other planted farms, bringing our company farm count up to 8 farms on about 70 acres, all in the nearby Captain Cook area. With the new mill open and running, and all the rain we have been getting this year, we are hoping for a much bigger season this year!

Our Funny Mythical Story on the Back of our Coffee Bags

Captain Kona, a seasoned Hawaiian sailboat captain, sails the world, bringing his treasured Kona coffee for all to enjoy. Captain Kona's coffee farms are located in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt in Captain Cook, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Grown at higher elevation, with plentiful rainfall, rich volcanic soil and afternoon cloud cover, this natural environment allows robust growth of some of the best gourmet coffee in the world, Kona coffee.

Bringing his annual harvest carefully down the mountain to his Kealakekua Bay oceanfront retreat, Captain Kona uses his trusty Kayak to transport his coffee from shore to his sailboat, the Kona Breeze, on calm sunny days. Once fully loaded and underway, he makes his home deliveries by paddle board, one bag at a time, bringing joy and smiles to coffee lovers everywhere. When asked if there is a faster way, Captain Kona says ...

"I'm in no hurry. I just want everyone to enjoy one of the richest, smoothest coffees around, Aloha!"

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