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Captain Kona Coffee Farmer Rewards Program

Some things in life are more rewarding than money, like those special days spent with family and friends, that creates lasting memories! Captain Kona wants to help you with those memorable times, by offering coffee farmers a Rewards Program, just for selling us your farm's Kona coffee cherry. Whether it be a spouse's or child's Birthday, Anniversary, a friend's celebration or just to have a great time, the Captain Kona Rewards Program can provide a special time for you, family and friends!

How it Works

Starting August 1st, 2019 the Captain Kona Rewards Program will offer you 1 Reward's Point, for every pound of Kona Coffee Cherry that you sell us. The points never expire, until you use them, and we have some excellent local offerings for you to redeem those points and to have a great time doing so! How about a half day or full day on Captain Kona's luxury 43' Viking Yachtfisher! Whether for just coastal cruising and snorkeling, or sportfishing, a day on Captain Kona's "Kona Breeze" Yachtfisher is sure to be a memorable experience, that you can share with family and/or friends!

Or how about a 3 day, 2 night stay, or even a 7 night stay at Captain Kona's personal McCoy Plantation luxury residence, Kona Overlook! With 7 bedrooms, upper and lower lanai, 55 foot wide heated infinity pool, and spectacular southern Coast views, being a personal guest at Kona Overlook is sure to create a lasting memory.

For those that like Oceanfront, being a personal guest at Captain Kona's 3 bedroom private oceanfront retreat is sure to amaze! With spectacular views and sunsets right on Kealakekua Bay, oceanfront swimming pool, deck and BBQ, this will be a memory to last a lifetime!

2019/2020 Rewards Program Offering

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Captain Kona Rewards 01

20 Bags (2,000 pounds/2,000 points) - Enjoy a half-day 4 hour voyage on Captain Kona's 43' Viking Yachtfisher, the Kona Breeze! For up to 6 persons, from Honokohau Harbor, you can go sport-fishing, snorkeling or just cruise around and enjoy the day!

50 Bags (5,000 pounds/5,000 points) - Enjoy an 8 hour voyage on the 43' Kona Breeze Yachtfisher. Fully air-conditioned luxury cabin, seating for 6 on the flybridge, a sport-fishing fighting chair, a Captain and First Mate, and all fishing equipment provided, you will have a day to remember! And maybe a trophy fish or some fish to take home for dinner!

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100 Bags (10,000 pounds/points) - A 3 day, 2 night stay, for you and up to 13 other guests, as personal guests of Captain Kona, at his Kona Overlook property in McCoy Plantation. With 55' heated infinity pool, spectacular views, huge deck and luxury Hawaiian-style house, memories from a stay at Captain Kona's Overlook are sure to last a lifetime!

200 Bags (20,000 pounds/points) - A 7 night stay as personal guest of Captain Kona, along with up to 13 more friends and family at Kona Overlook. With upstairs and downstairs BBQ lanais, 7 well-appointed bedrooms and 7 luxury bathrooms, and views that go on forever, you will never want to leave the luxury of staying at Kona Overlook!

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150 Bags (15,000 pounds/points) - Imagine a 3 day, 2 night stay, as personal guest of Captain Kona, at his private oceanfront retreat, Kona Breeze, on Kealakekua Bay! You and up to 5 other guests can stay at 3 bedroom Kona Breeze, put your feet up and just gaze out at the ocean, take in the spectacular sunsets, swim in the pool, and just relax, at one of the most beautiful shoreline view locations, right here in Captain Cook!

250 Bags (25,000 pounds/points) - A 7 night stay, as Captain Kona's personal guest, along with up to 5 friends or family, at oceanfront Kona Breeze! Just down the road from Manini Beach in Captain Cook, imagine waking up oceanfront on Kealakekua Bay! Sip that Kona coffee, to start a day of relaxation on the Bay! When you have that time to take a week's break from work, can you imagine a better place to stay? It's hard to beat enjoying a week at Kona Breeze!

Disclaimer: All point redemptions are first-come, first serve, and based on available occupancy, we cannot guaranty any specific dates will be available, so it is best to redeem and schedule as early as possible, to try to get your preferred open dates.

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